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Garage Door Repair Cost

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How much does it cost to get a garage door repaired?

The bottom 3 panels on my garage door are wrecked and I was wondering how much that would cost to repair, it is a 6 panel 2 car garage door… made of steel, I just need the panels fixed, nothing else… how much would that cost me?
Update: Thanks for the help but I repaired it myself, I placed a 2×4 on the inside of each panel, straightened them all out and raised the power of the garage door, and i also evened out the surface for asthetics…works like a charm now 🙂

Posted by Ryan


Of course, garage door repair rates vary from company to company, but as a rule of thumb, if more than half the door sections need to be replaced, it will cost less to replace the entire door. A very rough rule of thumb is that one section of a 16′ door might cost $200-$350 or more (plus labor) depending on whether it’s insulated, whether it needs painting, and so forth. Here are a few suggestions:

1. If the door sections were damaged by an accident, you should find out if insurance will cover it. Most peoples’ homeowners or automobile insurance will cover garage door damage if it was caused by high wind, a vehicle hitting it, or many other kinds of accidents. You may pay for a deductible, but in many cases this is a fraction of the cost of the new door or repair. Consult with your insurance agent to know for sure.

2. Get 2 or 3 written estimates before making a decision. Do NOT rely on prices quoted over the phone. Choose a reputable company. Check the Better Business Bureau ratings before calling anyone, at www.bbb.org. There are plenty of ripoff artists in this industry. Also check http://garagedoorrepairnovatocal.com.

3. Use an IDEA accredited garage door company. These companies have been carefully scrutinized and certified by the industry organization. See www.dooreducation.com to locate one.


Garage Door Repair

Questions and Answers

Do I need a garage door repair?

Posted by Tim


If the system uses the coil spring over the door, there are steel cables on either side, and may need slack adjustment. If the springs are on both sides of the door with pully system, it has similar cables to adjust. Loosen and take up the slack in the side that seems lower and re-clamp. It is best to do this when the door is fully up to release the tension. Make sure to clamp off the cable before making adjustment!! Garage door systems can be very dangerous, if you are not confident in working on it safely, call a pro. It’s less expensive than broken bones!